1. Gambling Addiction
    It started off as soon as I could legally gamble at 18. It started small like £5 a week. But now I'm working or have a student loan this has gone up to around £50 a week. I feel like I'm addicted cause I'm like "Just one more try!" Or "I'll win it all back on the next one"
  2. Bi-polar
    Now I'm pretty sure I don't have this one, but at the same time my mental health education is so piss poor that I think I do. I'll wake up some days feelin amazing like I can really tackle the day. Then days (like today) where I feel like nothing will ever get better. I'll never do well at school, I'll never meet someone who loves me or I'll never have an light money to live a half decent life
  3. Sexual addiction
    I'm probably just a horny teenager in all fairness... Yea, I think that's actually it now I've wrote it down...
  4. Anxiety
    I don't actually know what anxiety constitutes as? But, the way I see it is as always worrying. I worry constantly. I'm a massive hypochondriac, I always think I've got some incurable disease. I worry about money even though I've got more than plenty to get by on.
  5. Help me understand li.sters!!