1. PRO: you're not a third year yet!
    Ok so your second year actually matters a bit, but in most cases your second year grade only accounts for 30/40% of it. This means you can still get drunk as fuck and party, although probably not to the same extent you did in first year. Speaking of which...
  2. CON: you're no longer a first year!! #Fresher
    Gone are the days when you can finish an essay in a night, and skip a whole day of lectures and seminars! First year didn't mean anything. None of it counted towards your final grade, and all you had to do was get 40% to pass. As a second year, you have to take at least a week to complete an essay, and if you're going to skip a lecture, make sure you at least fill in an absence form to subside the feeling of guilt.
  3. PRO: you know how to act on campus, and you know where everything is
    It's easy to spot a fresher on campus. They usually hang out in packs and look lost or confused as they attempt to find the building for their next lecture. As a second year, you know exactly where you're heading as you finish that 3pm lecture and have to dart across campus to start your 4pm tutorial. You also know how to act in the library (unless you're a massive nobhead) or a fresher. Keep it down in the silent zone. Dick.
  4. CON: you lose the sense of excitement
    You know campus like the back of your hand, but unfortunately it means you're no longer a wide eyed first year who admires the view from the 9th floor of the history building. It's very rare you find somewhere on campus you haven't seen before. But, when you do... It's like reaching the end of a rainbow!
  5. PRO: you live with people you know and (hopefully) like
    You've gone through halls and now it's time to find you're own place with actual friends! You sign the contracts in March (because you obviously left it too late as a first year) and now you're living with people you actually enjoy being round instead of Derek, who doesn't wash and freaks everyone out every time you have a flat party.
  6. CON: you no longer live in the vicinity of other first years
    If, like me, you lived in a 'student village' then you spent 95% of your time spent with other students. In the first few weeks you'd hear pre-drinks going on at the flat downstairs and you'd wander down with half a bottle of vodka in hand, and join in the fun. However, in Second year the only time you hear music coming from the room downstairs is while Jim plays "Wonderwall" by Oasis because he just found out his girlfriend cheated on him.
  7. PRO: you have more money in your pocket
    Halls is fucking expensive for what you get. If you're lucky and live in a city or town with cheap housing then you can almost halve what you're paying for first year accommodation. This means more money for late night Amazon shopping, and pints at the pub
  8. CON: the money is still shit
    Yeaaaa, still don't get the much