I was born in the 90's ('96 England) and although I don't consider myself a true 90's baby, but growing up there are many things that I wish today's kids could experience first hand.
  1. Dragon Ball Z
    This shit was the mofo-in bomb. Each season would be like 70 episodes and there would be more drama than a soap opera! Plus the special abilities that Goku and Vegeta and Piccillo and Gohan and Tien and Yamcha and Trunks... Would do was literally life for 7 year old me.
  2. Dial-up broadband
    Luckily, when I reached the age of about 10/11 (I think it was then, it was probably earlier) my family got wireless broadband. But, I remember the durrr, dada durrrrr noise your computer made when you wanted to go on the Internet. The noise gives me euphoric nostalgia. The best thing was, at 8 years of age, there was fuck all for me to do on the Internet and the entire time I spent on it as a kid was almost useless.
  3. Having a flip phone
    Unless your parents/grandparents are the type to be like "I only need a phone that can send and receive calls!" Then you probably know all of zero people that currently own a flip phone. Trust me, this was the shit. My first proper mobile was a flip phone. It was for emergencies only, obviously. But, the sasstastic feeling of ending a call by flipping it shut was "flipping" fantastic.
  4. Excuse me a moment while I feel great shame for making that joke.
  5. Couch co-op.
    Now this is mainly aimed at the gamers. Back in the PS1/PS2 era, online gaming didn't really exist. There was nothing better than challenging your mate to a game of Fifa 2004 or co-oping the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe video game (fantastic PS2 game, seriously!) and sitting next to each other whilst you did it. None of this headset party chat nonsense.
  6. Basically cleaning out a corner shop with £2.60
    (For those of you across the Atlantic, a corner shop is like a convenience store ((I think)) ) When I was 6, my mum or my nan maybe would give me some money - usually ranged from 50p-£3 and tell me to go and buy something from the shop. I would literally walk out with about 10 things (if i had carried out the right intelligence work). Nowadays, you couldn't even get a chocolate bar for 50p. The youth of today have been deprived.
  7. Rewinding a video
    With online streaming and even DVD's everything you want to watch just starts where you want it to. But, back when I was a boy. VHS videos needed a good few minutes of solid rewind time before you could watch them from the beginning. And forget about this pausing crap! If you paused a video you would be doing well if you thought it was paused on John Travolta to find out it was actually Olivia Newton John.
  8. And let's be honest, there was nothing more annoying than getting a video out the box, putting it in the machine and seeing the credits rolling up the screen. Bastards.
  9. Blockbuster
    A 10 year olds wet dream.