1. On Netflix. The Office is titled "The Office (UK)" and the US Office is tilted "The Office"
    UMMMM IM SORRY? Which came first... WHICH basically copied the first season of the other? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT
  2. The lack of air conditioning in UK shops and office blocks
    I think constructors in Britain just assume the temperature will never be hot enough to warrant using air conditioning. BUT SHOCK HORROR. it fcking does. So buy it. Pls xoxo
  3. The Kardashians
    No explanation needed
  4. Pizza making me fat
    Pizza is without argument the best food on the planet, so why does something so great have to be so bad for me?
  5. Car Insurance
    Look, I get it. But, I'm skint sooooo? Can we just make that shit universal?
  6. 90's clothing
    People it happened. We have to roll our socks up and move on.
  7. Hard to unclip bras
    Guys, we've all been there. It's getting hot, making out is moving on to something more. You slide your hand up her back. AND BOOM. The Fort Knox of brassieres.
  8. Infomercials
    I already have rock hard abs thanks xoxo