TV I'm Looking Forward To

  1. Rick and Morty Season 3
    WABBALUBBADUBDUB!! Rick and Morty gives me life. Justin Roiland is my spirit animal. I will not be happy until July 30th.
  2. Game Of Thrones Season 7
    If you're not looking forward to this, then.... you know nothing Jon Snow!
  3. Bojack Horseman Season 4
    This show has the perfect, THE PERFECT, level of seriousness and comedy. I've never known a show to balance serious life problems with comedy so freaking well!
  4. Archer Season 9
    Season 8 sucked. IT PAINS ME TO SAY THAT, but it did. I haven't even finished it, but I'm already hoping Season 9 will be close to the Dangerrrrr zoneeeee
  5. Luther
    Bringing out a two part series in 2018. It's been far too long since actual bae Idris Elba has graced my television screen. If you've not seen Luther, and you're someone who likes crime drama then check the fuck out of this mini-series drama. It's got a perfect amount of personal drama, mixed with really fucked up criminals