I go to University in England and after having a pretty shitty 2015/16 academic year I've decided to make my second year Count
  1. Join soooooo many societies
    You are now looking at a proud member of the Board game society mofo's! I will freely admit that most of the other people who attend are not similar to my personality but it's so much fun man! I've also joined the poker society, curry society and film society. Fuck yea.
  2. Gone out drinking a fuck tonne
    Plenty more people to meet, plenty more times to make a fool out of myself
  3. Smoked ALOT of weed
    I was never a huge smoker last year. But my new housemates are massive potheads so... 'When in Rome'
  4. Engage in my course
    Last year I was a first year so my grades didn't count for anything and I came away with an average score. This year I've started strongly and hopefully I can keep the momentum going
  5. Spend a lot of money
    What's a student loan?
  6. Put on weight
  7. Then join a gym
  8. It doesn't seem like I've done anything productive this last fortnight, but I honestly feel in such a good place right now, and I hope it just continues to get better
  9. Peace out bitches
  10. Giphy