1. They offer a platform for discussion
    Admit it, you've all seen a shared video on Facebook or Twitter of a Comedian ranting about religion/politics/violence etc... And people express their own opinions about what the Comedian has to say and discuss it. A comedian can lace their point of view with joke after joke, which softens the severity of the topic and in doing so, reduces any tension someone might have towards that specific view. It's fucking genius.
  2. Laughter is everything
    Comedians create laughter, and laughter creates happiness. It lifts your mood, it makes an individual forget shit that's going on at work, or in their social life and for 10/25/50/120 minutes they are distracted from their problems and just focus on the comedy.
  3. They are often more fucked up than you are
    You might think that you've had bad times in your life. You might think that you're at a low point, or maybe you've just come past your lowest point. I can guarantee you however, that comedians, have felt a lot lower. There are many comedians out there who are open about social anxieties they have, depression that they have and even addictions they've had in the past.
  4. Because they have been so fucked, they can often be part of a solution.
    The reason comedians are so open, is because they understand that feeling and they can do their best to help it. By laughing and creating jokes about personal issues, they can remove social stigmas and tackle the problem head on. Name any politician or person in power that can be as open on mental health as a comedian? Exactly.