1. Firstly let me tell you while I feel bad
  2. I'm going through a break up
    Standard break up
  3. My friends are either still living away at Uni, on holiday, or working constantly
    Which means I've got no one to hang out with and feel super lonely
  4. I'm unemployed
    I am only a student and not after full time work, but I'm in desperate need of summer work so I can help pay for my studies
  5. And now why I feel bad about feeling bad
  6. I can't help feeling sad all the time, but there are so many people out there who have it much worse
  7. Because of this thought, I feel like I'm being selfish for being sad
  8. So I'm not letting myself actually be properly sad even though I feel really fucking sad all the time
    I know, it's confusing, but it's hard to explain
  9. So I then beat myself up about being sad because of all these other people out there who have considerably worse lives than myself
  10. And the cycle continues
  11. Fuck.