1. About 6 months ago I broke up with my ex girlfriend. It was the second time we broke up. And the second time I had ended it.
  2. After around month or two of separation, I was finding life difficult and realised I missed having that closeness with such an awesome person.
  3. She told me (and rightly so) that she couldn't trust me anymore to not mess her around and told me it wasn't going to happen
  4. This obviously sucked, but I fully understood her reasoning and I had to live with my decisions
  5. However, she recently accepted a place at University.
  6. The same University I had attended the year before and would continue to attend.
  7. On the first proper night out since arriving for the semester, I went out into the smoking area. And there she was, standing with friends
  8. I didn't want to make a big deal so I just stood on the other side of the terrace and chatted with my housemate.
  9. She came over though and we started chatting
  10. We were chatting for over 2 hours. Laughing and getting along well.
  11. We were holding hands and being a tiny bit intimate.
  12. It was great, it took me back to a happier time and I left the night thinking that maybe there was a small chance that i hadn't completely fucked it
  13. She then messaged me the evening after.
  14. She said that her mind was still the same and us having any type of relationship was a very bad idea
  15. This hit me.
  16. Hard.
  17. And then I realised
  18. That's exactly how I made her feel after we had broken up and then I just popped back into her life
  19. She'd given me a taste of my own medicine
  20. But just think of the amount of variables involved in me learning this life lesson
  21. She had to get the necessary grades to come to my University
  22. She then had to chose to go to that nightclub that night. As did I.
  23. She then had to chose to go out to the smoking area at the exact time I arrived there.
  24. In such a huge nightclub as well
  25. It just makes me think that maybe 'karma' could be an actual concept
  26. And that concept
  27. Can be a huge kick in the fucking teeth