For those of you who don't know. An NFL quarterback failed to stand for the national anthem in protest, claiming that black individuals and people of colour are continually discriminated against. And everyone then lost their shit
  1. NFL Executives have claimed that 90% of the Executives hate and detest Kaepernick for what he did.
    For a group of franchises that have hired domestic abusers, ex-criminals and actually murderers (not first degree, accidental but still) WHY DO THEY DETEST SOMEONE FOR SIMPLY SITTING DOWN?!
  2. Where's the ability to express free speech?
    I'm British, but we all know Americans are all for their rights to free speech, and rightly so! So why, should a man be hated for exercising this right?! He will most likely be released by the 49er's for exercising his right to free speech, so a man will be essentially fired for standing up for something. Oh I'm sorry, did we move back to the 50's? YEA DIDNT FUCKING THINK SO.
  3. It cements my view that the NFL doesn't give a fuck
    They allow the name of the Washington REDSKINS. R E D S K I N S. But someone doesn't stand for the national anthem and they suddenly become a motherfucking rat? Hypocrites.
  4. It's not even obligatory to stand
    I'm done.