A few reasons why #Ireland is amazing, and I'm not even Irish.

I've lived there, worked there, and visit regularly.
  1. Aer Lingus staff are the best at hospitality in the air.
    ...well so is Virginia Atlantic, but they don't fly to Ireland.
  2. They know how to celebrate 100 years!
    The centennial celebration was like an Olympic opening ceremony.
  3. You can get whisky on every corner.
    Ok, I mean there's a pub on every corner, but still...
  4. The Dublin barman knows you as a regular, even if you're only in 3x a year!
    This is very true, and I didn't even dance on a table (this time).
  5. Budweiser is everywhere.
    'Merica! ....except it's not an American beer anymore.
  6. There are Vikings are in Belfast.
    Well regular viking boat races with the boats from the show "Vikings."
  7. Dulse.
    Dried seaweed makes a nutritious bar snack.
  8. Game of Thrones is filmed there.
    For a close look it helps if your friend works in production at Titanic Studios.
  9. Street art is amazing.
    It's everywhere & awesome!
  10. Did I mention, the street art is amazing.
    ....especially on the side of houses.
  11. The guy sitting next to you could belt out an old Irish song at any minute.
    I sang The Gambler. I'm really not Irish at all.