A happy list amidst the hell that is this election

I need this, you need this, we need this. Add your happiness to it!
  1. Fall has arrived in full force and it is gorgeous
    Sorry if you don't like the colder weather or you live somewhere with little noticeable change for fall, I feel bad for you.
  2. We've hit peak flavoured coffee time
    Whether you're a pumpkin spice person or a peppermint soul, we're in the sweet spot where everyone can find that wonderful drink for them.
  3. Music. Music. Music. Always present.
    Old classics, new hits, forgotten songs from your high school years, there is and always will be music. Find your groove, pump up your jam, and footloose your stress away. This list's soundtrack is Wyclef's Carnival, Vol. ll.
  4. Poetry
    I recently picked up Clint Smith's Counting Descent and it is as beautiful as it is powerful.
  5. Regardless of what happens, we still have our dogs
  6. I'm in a rush to a class so please add your own.
    This in itself is a good, happy thing that the access to education is present. Albeit, we've issues to fix with that as well.
  7. Fall view at recess
    Suggested by   @kate81
  8. Egg nog is back in stores
    Egg nog is one of my favourite winter/fall drinks. Winter's fog brings me great happiness: steamed egg nog and earl grey steeped in it. It's love in a mug.