1. I'm going to miss him
    He was a beautiful, gentle soul who was an incredible teacher. I'd like to believe that's where my passion for it comes.
  2. To ask for more time seems greedy
    He was 93. I'm 20 and just lost my first grandparent. All four were present for my brother's wedding & to see the both of us graduate high school & college for my bother.
  3. I'm thankful it happened when & how it did
    My father had spent the previous four days with him, my grandmother, aunt, and uncle all as a family. He said pop-pop was happy and comfortable in the days leading up to his passing.
  4. I'm more thankful to have been with my father when he found out
    All I could say was "I love you," give him a hug, and grab the keys to start driving out there immediately. I wouldn't have wanted him to go on his own.
  5. Laughter & music are two beautiful thingsu
    Even with mourning & the planning of the service, we could still laugh. Whether memories of my grandfather fuelling the laughter or something new, it was beautiful & oh so needed. My cousin played the piano same as Pop-pop was her first teacher & was incredibly proud of the skill she had gained.
  6. I held my grandmother's hand as the funeral directors put his body on the stretcher and carried him out
  7. He had on a pair of light blue pajamas that were brand new
    He wanted to go out with style
  8. This is my first major experience with death
    This is the first family member whom I've known incredibly well through out my life who has passed. I don't know why I've been sheltered from death so much.
  9. The service is next week
    I'm grateful to have a family that is able to work together with little argument over family wide choices
  10. I've never been prouder to introduce myself using my middle name
    Cameron Edward Dickerson, namesake to both my grandfather & my father. I've been proud to introduce myself using my middle name for many years now but even more so now- his legacy and the lessons he taught me are to continue on.
  11. Edward Francis Dickerson, I love you & I will miss you. Thank you for all you had taught me & for everything you had done through out your life to raise your children so well.
    Pop-pop, you were an incredible grandfather who loved with such compassion and strength. I hope to be like you in so many ways as I continue about life.