My current musical jams

This is a terrible list to make as this can and does change every day.. Anyways, here goes nothing. Not including my Spotify cause that'll mess up current music playback 🙃
  1. This dropped about half an hour ago. Gawvi is one of Reach Record's latest signees & this is his first EP- Lost In Hue. Four songs, very fun, high energy, good vibes. Looking forward to his future full length albums
  2. Jon Bellion's The Human Condition
    I've been following Jon & his music for nearly four years now. He is by far one of my favourites, saw him last month & one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I went on my own and didn't regret it in the slightest. The Human Condition presents Jon dealing with new found fame, money, and the issues around those two. Swelling choruses, strong instrumentals, beautiful lyrics crafted by Jon himself result in a gorgeous album that I cannot stop playing.
  3. Kacy Hill's Bloo EP
    A Kanye West prodigy, Ms. Hill is a trippy, soulful voice intermixed with low-key synthesised instrumentals that swell around her voice like waves in a storm. If Birdy dove into electronica you'd result in something like Kacy Hill. Her latest single, Lion, released a few weeks ago showcases the power in her voice & her control of the instrumental even more. Expecting large things from this woman & very excited to see her at the Made in America festival
  4. Mike Posner's At Night, Alone
    After Seeb's remix of I Took a Pill In Ibiza blew up Mike came back onto my radar. "Cause my name reminds them of a pop song people forgot." is a jarringly true line- Cooler Than Me was an anthem of ninth grade (probably?) but quickly faded as any radio track will. A few years later, Mike's sound has matured & presents him an older guy who's seen more than his fair share. Party songs, ballads, emotional cries, At Night, Alone brings these all together in a cohesive project.
  5. Desiigner's New English
    This is a scrappy, junk yard pieced together mixtape. Harsh cuts, unfinished songs, no outros, weird. Desiigner brings his Future flow to the table and goes in at times. Da Day being the most fleshed out is the best song off it, not including Panda. The lyrical reference to short lived single Moon People was a nice thing to hear as Moon People grew on me immensely in the few days it was present on Spotify. Timmy Turner being released a week ago shows he's not a 1 hit wonder, I'm hopeful for him.
  6. Chance's Coloring Book
    Now this is joyful. Such a summer album. Sexy, sassy instrumentals full of great features from Lil Yachty to Justin Bieber. Chance said Ye told him to do a "good ass job" and he absolutely did. Auntie 'Yonce probably was rather proud too. No drawn out explanations here- Chance is a wonderful artist with an apparently beautiful heart for his daughter, her mother, and the city of Chicago.