1. Nextels
    I loved people's inability to interrupt me.
  2. School supply shopping
  3. Pocket dictionaries
  4. Drivers Permit
    This is the best time. You can almost drive. You are really looking forward to your independence and it's so close. A lot of your friends are starting to turn 16 and you can make them pick you up so you don't have to ride with your parents. You can also be super lazy and not drive yourself places, but still feel cool. And because you realize that when you turn 16 everyone makes you run errands.
  5. Hanging out in the school parking lot before class started
  6. Cheering at football games and trying to seem super cool to the older guys in the student section.
    I repeated this phase in college.
  7. Hiding behind the bleachers in elementary school while the rest of gym class ran a mile and catching back up on the last lap.
  8. Going to work with my dad
    He would put me in real casts even when I hadn't broken anything and let me play with stuff I probably shouldn't have.
  9. Going to work with my mom
    I got my hair and nails done for free. And she liked showing me off.
  10. My brother being stronger than all of my friends and scaring them. Chasing them all around the house.
  11. My brother actually thinking I was prettier than Beyoncé and not just saying it to make me feel good.