I have watched every episode of naruto, and I am not willing to watch 300 episode anime's anymore. I use hulu as my way to watch anime. so I'd you guys know any short anime's on Hulu or any free streaming sites that won't cause viruses put em here! What follows is a list of great anime's I have already seen and would recomend to you... in no order
  1. Parasite: the maxim
    A anime about humanities battle with a parasitic species that takes over human bodies.
  2. Tokyo ghoul
    People of Japan live in fear of monsters called ghouls. They appear human, but feed on Humans to survive
  3. God eater
    A lot like attack on titan, but still great.
  4. Elfen lied
    Just watch it. Its my favorite anime
  5. Samurai 7
    A preistess aims to hire samurai to protect her village from bandits.
  6. Samurai champloo
    A groups search for the samurai that smells of sunflowers