and why ;)
  1. Forcefully moving me out of your way
    Please don't touch me not lovingly, please use your words, please don't decide where I should be all because I'm in your way, please don't
  2. "Shushing" me
    I'm not a loud person. It takes a lot of confidence for me to even talk sometimes. If you shush me I will feel so small and angry! Please just don't. Please?
  3. Trying to make me feel bad about liking Taylor Swift or anything I like really
    First of all, what? Second of all, nobody has "good taste". Like what you like and don't make others feel bad about the music, movies, books, etc. that they like.
  4. People who are pretentious
    See previous pet peeve.
  5. Apathy
    I struggle with motivation and keeping interest in certain activities, but I don't just not care about things. I care very deeply. So when I meet people who can somehow turn that off it really bothers me.
  6. People who are mean behind the wheel
    When people honk at me it makes me feel bad about myself and I almost cry.