For those looking to nourish their tormented spirit, these two albums provide an unparalleled outlet to feed the famished soul.
  1. Static
    Asking Alexandria drops their fourth album, and first with Danny Worsnops replacement, new front man Dennis Stoff, but dont worry Danny fans, The Black does not disappoint. I personally think it's the best so far as Stoff shows off his massive range, and Ben Bruce's signature heavy guitar riffs continue to help pay Doctor's mortgages around the globe. If your spirit thirsts for emotional embrace, this album will quench your souls every desire.
  2. Static
    If your not a Metal Head, the name Avatar may bring to mind Smurf blue aliens, but nothing could be farther from the image this band depicts. With a rich history spanning to the turn of the millenia, Avatar's long road to international fame has led to the release of their sixth album, Feathers And Flesh. The Swedish metal band delivers heavy riffs, and does not disappoint as they unravel the knotted strings of poetic dark lyrics, paired with copious amounts of high energy.
  3. Rd and lastly;
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