Beach Mix 2014 (Senior Year)

My favorite songs from 2014
  1. ——Disc#1——
  2. Eurodancer
    DJ Mangoo
  3. Wonderful Slippery Thing
    Guthrie Govan
  4. Hopeless Wanderer
    Mumford & Sons
  5. Where Is My Mind?
  6. The Wind
    Sac Brown Band
  7. I Don't Want to Know
    Fleetwood Mac
  8. The Wire
  9. Hey Jealousy
    Gin Blossoms
  10. Recovery
    Frank Turner
  11. Entertainment
  12. Don't Save Me
  13. Red Sweater
    The Aquabats!
  14. Dance Apocalyptic
    Janelle Monáe
  15. Dear Moderation
  16. Started From the Bottom
  17. MST3K Season Five-Six Intro
    Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  18. Roll To Me
    Del Amitri
  19. Ariel
    Dean Friedman
  20. Love You Lazy
    Andrew Tufano
  21. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
    Jason Mraz
  22. Fanny Pack
    Koo Koo Kanga Roo
  23. Across The Universe
    Fiona Apple
  24. ——Disc#2——
  25. Ner Ner
    Guthrie Govan
  26. The Fox
  27. Changing of the Seasons
    Two Door Cinema Club
  28. Super Rad
    The Aquabats!
  29. Swimming Pools (Drank)
    Kendrick Lamar
  30. The Cave
    Mumford & Sons
  31. Made in the USA
    Demi Lovato
  32. No Rain
    Blind Melon
  33. The Difference Is
    Andrew Tufano
  34. Who Needs Sleep?
    Barenaked Ladies
  35. Nobody's Home
  36. No Crust
    Koo Koo Kanga Roo
  37. Falling
  38. It's Oh So Quiet
  39. Love Letter
    The Easy Access Orchestra
  40. Wake Me Up
  41. Lowlands Away
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  42. Jane
    Barenaked Ladies
  43. Happy Ending
  44. Russia
    DJ Dams