Favorite Albums of 2017

  1. Floral Green - Title Fight
    Favorite tracks: Numb But I Still Feel It, Head in the Ceiling Fan, Frown
  2. Hyperview - Title Fight
    Favorite tracks: Your Pain Is Mine Now, MRAHC, Chlorine
  3. Copacetic - Knuckle Puck
    Favorite tracks: Pretense, Evergreen, True Contrite
  4. Paradise - White Lung
    Favorite tracks: Below, Paradise, Hungry
  5. Greatest Hits - Remo Drive
    Favorite tracks: Yer Killin' Me, Summertime, Crash Test Rating
  6. Stage Four - Touché Amoré
    Favorite tracks: Flowers and You, Rapture, Posing Holy
  7. The Con - Tegan and Sara
    Favorite tracks: The Con, Back in Your Head, Call It Off
  8. So Jealous - Tegan and Sara
    Favorite tracks: Speak Slow, Wake Up Exhausted, Walking With a Ghost
  9. Love You To Death - Tegan and Sara
    Favorite tracks: U-Turn, Stop Desire, Boyfriend
  10. Sainthood - Tegan and Sara
    Favorite tracks: Hell, The Ocean, On Directing
  11. Promise Everything - Basement
    Favorite tracks: Hanging Around, Brother's Keeper, Aquasun
  12. Every Open Eye - CHVRCHES
    Favorite tracks: Leave a Trace, Bury It, Clearest Blue
  13. It Tired Me All the Same - Arrows In Her
    Favorite tracks: Go On, Tell Me About Foucault, While Everyone Is Talking, Revoke
  14. To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
    Favorite tracks: For Free (Interlude), King Kunta, Wesley's Theory)
  15. Eternity, In Your Arms - Creeper
    Favorite tracks: Hiding With Boys, Black Rain, Suzanne
  16. Emergency & I - The Dismemberment Plan
    Favorite tracks: You Are Invites, Spider In the Snow, A Life of Possibilites
  17. After Laughter - Paramore
    Favorite tracks: Hard Times, I Told You So, Grudges
  18. Something To Tell You - HAIM
    Favorite tracks: Want You Back, Little Of Your Love, Right Now