1. House of Leaves
    In this terribly confusing book it says so much about relationships with lovers, family and friends in a metaphorical way that made me reevaluate how I treat others.
  2. The Handmaid's Tale
    Do I need to explain? But it made me think about how gender roles work in today's work.
  3. The Silent History
    Just because you can't hear people's voice doesn't mean they don't exist! Every group in society should have a place and have their voices heard.
  4. The Future for Curious Peoples
    Despite the fact that this book absolutely fell apart in the last third, the topics of love and obsession change how any reader views these topics.
  5. The Buried Giant
    Our memories and pasts are important and forgetting them means giving up ourselves.
  6. The Flamethrowers
    This answers the question of how different people address how they live. Do I want to be a flamethrower or let my life happen to me. I've been thinking like this ever since.