Because you're heartbroken
  1. It doesn't matter how long you knew her, you fucking loved her!
    Three days? That's definitely true love! Write a song.
  2. Put down that electric guitar. Let's get acoustic up in here.
    The sound is raw. Much like you're heart and emotions
  3. Speak only in figurative language.
    Your heart is so complicated right now, why should your lyrics be straightforward?
  4. This song is your journal. Treat it that way.
    Let all of your thoughts flow.
  5. The pitchier your voice the better.
    Let's readdress that whole "raw" thing again.
  6. You will NEVER be the same.
    She changed you, man. Forever.
  7. Post it on Facebook.
    Your friends and that stranger you once met at the mall need to know how you feel.
  8. Then delete it when you meet the next love of your life a week later.
    And repeat!