1. Yes! I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm going to be healthy. I'm going to change my life for the better!
  2. Okay, I got my first song on. I'm going the distances.
    Lips are Moving is the best song to run to
  3. Alright, half a mile in. I don't remember this taking so long.
  4. Oh my god. How was that only a mile. I feel like I should have crossed state lines by now.
  5. *uncomfortable amount of wheezing*
  6. Yo, screw the guy who is always running marathons on Facebook. I think he's an alien or something.
  7. I'll just walk for a little. A quick minute break.
  8. Are you kidding me?? How have I been walking for five minutes.
  9. Whatever man, running is stupid.