1. I'm Croatian. I had been traveling in Europe with my buddies, but I had just split off from them so I could go visit some family in Croatia.
  2. So on September 11, I'm on a bus across Croatia. And no one on the bus speaks English.
  3. There's no bathroom on the bus, so like every two hours, we stop at a gas station so people can go.
  4. So we stop at a gas station, and they're showing the news, and I see that one of the towers fell, and then they start cutting around to all these other places in the U.S. that they thought MIGHT get attacked, like Chicago, and the White House and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  5. But I don't speak the language! And I can't hear what they're saying! And I don't know those places WEREN'T attacked!
  6. And I tried to talk to people about it, but nobody spoke English, and they were just like whatever and made us get back on the bus after ten minutes and keep driving.