"American" restaurants abroad. Not fast food, international chains, or tourist traps for vacationing Yanks, but good faith attempts to recreate US cuisine for a non-US clientele.
  1. Thunder Road Cafe (Dublin, Ireland)
    @caffrin and I visited this one in the late 90s, and apparently they are still going strong as "Dublin's coolest theme restaurant." [EMOTICON TK] IIRC, the space is decorated with motorcycles, a mural of the American southwest, posters for James Dean movies, etc. When we ordered a snack of chips and salsa, the waiter asked "would you like fries with that?"
  2. Gringo Cafe (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
    Run by American expats, this is a pleasant cafe in Ipanema that does great American-style breakfast food, plus club sandwiches, salads, meatloaf and so forth. Try the buffalo wings, though, in a tangy orange sauce with about half the spiciness of an average Dorito. Supposedly this is a concession to the Brazilian palate, which tends to run towards salt and away from heat.
  3. The Brooklyn Parlor (Tokyo, Japan)
    Top notch mimicry. This restaurant/coffee shop/bookstore boasts Instagram-ready craft cocktails, lattes, avocado burgers, big salads and more. Save for the slightly on-the-nose map of the NY subway on the wall, you could airlift this place to Park Slope and few would be the wiser.
  4. Barrock (Bratislava, Slovakia)
    I've only seen this one online. Looks kinda like a British pub, plays rock music, supposedly serves some Mexican food, sounds American to me.