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I went to a vigil for Charlottesville Sunday night. I've had countless conversations in my work place. We've sat at tables with judges. We've been planning. WHAT ARE YALL DOING? Tell me you aren't staying silent. Tell me this shit is waking you up. WHITE PEOPLE, WAKE UP. Our country needs us.
  1. Let it set in.
    When your accustomed to privilege, equality feels like discrimination. #GetOverIt
  2. Do you see it now?
    They showed up with guns, sticks, and torches. And they still went home alive. For those who keep asking what white privilege is..
  3. My girl Glennon said it
    White statues matter.. the jury is still out on black and Jewish lives. -America, 2017
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If so today in cosmopolitan they posted a list. And I am here to tell you how wrong it is.
  1. 1. She avoids heating styles as much as possible.
    This might be the only part I agree with. Although I use my wand constantly.. but don't look at my hair right now, it is long over due for a haircut. Don't worry, I'll have that fixed Wednesday.
  2. 2. She always sleeps on silk
    Never. Have you ever tried to sleep on silk? It is slippery, I can't sleep like that. No. This is bullshit. I mean maybe it can help but cotton ain't gonna hurt a damn thing
  3. 3. She doesn't skimp moisturizer
    Maybe it can help but I disagree.
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Thanks @amieshmamie for the idea. :)
  1. The Real Housewives
    Any group, any episode, any season. I have no shame.
  2. Killer whales
    I'd say whales in general but I've always connected with the killer.
  3. DSS
    Terminology at least (I don't think they even know a lot about themselves LOL. )
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  1. Bullies or the person being bullied
    I wish I could show kids how awful it is and how stupid. also I wish I could tell the other kid how important it is to have that back bone. And if you don't have he ability to have a back bone find a friend who has one for the both of you.
  2. Parents who break babies
    Literally bones in an infant who has no ability to defend. I wish with all of me I could find a way to prevent it. To change it. To fix it.
  3. Our foster system.
    Sometimes I wonder if we make problems worse. How much trauma are we doing as a system to these already broken situations.
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  1. My walls
    Hold so many secrets, so many conversations, so many break downs, a ton of laughs, and a lot of growth.
  2. Rearrange
    You can only rearrange the room two ways- I suggest doing it twice a year. The change is good.
  3. The room
    The paint is cheap. The walls super thin. You will hear your roommate in room A having sex if they do that kind of thing. Pray they don't or they are quiet, saves you a lot of unwanted noises. The carpet probably has collected so much of my hair, sorry if you can't escape it! The room gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer (they won't ever fix it.) buy dark curtains unless you like the sunshine.
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I graduated and I got hired !
I have finally let contacts become a part of my eye life and I don't understand why I didn't do this sooner.
  1. Glasses
    I mean I still have a pair but they just block my view. They set you in a square or a circle
  2. I feel normal again
    Well when I'm wearing them, it's like damnnn okay this what it's like without glasses
  3. But then
    I went to take them off.
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In the debate via @justjills @amieshmamie
  1. Why you so cute V?!
  2. Okay baby.
  3. Smiling at the haters
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I'd be nothing with out more girlpower. So here's to y'all on Galentines!
  1. My main
    She's in a relationship , so lowkey she M I A lately. But that's my right hand.
  2. My cousin
    Is my bestfriend. How did I get this lucky?! 1 year apart but you wouldn't know it.
  3. The only roommate I like
    Who is also gonna be my valentine, shout out to you ! You see my worst and we've manage to survive 3 years of living together and still being great friends.
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These are things I think should not have to be fucking said. (Yes lowkey I'm ranting😅😊)
  1. Do laundry when the sun is up.
    Nobody wants to hear our loud ass washing machine going.
  2. If you can't close the lid, take the trash out
  3. Do not turn the AC on until April.
    Maybe end of march if it is horrible
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