I believe it is important to tell but know it has some pretty graphic photos!
  1. Let me first start off by saying
    We have had this dog for 12 years and it has been in my nieces life for 5. We have never dealt with aggressive behavior from him other than around other animals.
  2. Drake
    This is Drake. He is 75% lab and 25% Pitt. We saved him as a puppy at 3 months old. He grew up with a shitzu for 5 of his puppy years and also confused himself for a lap dog many times. I loved him and a piece of me is sad at how this story ends
  3. Meet my Niece
    She is my entire world. People compliment me on my strength for things I've handled in my past but this girl is the strongest 5 year old I know. And my world would collapse if this went the other way.
  4. Last Friday
    I got a horrific phone call. My brother was in pure panic and all he could get out was you need to get to the house and quickly as you can. It's Brynleigh, drake has attacked her, and it is horrible. Then he hung up to call 911.
  5. I was
    With one of my bestfriends who immaditely saw my face and grabbed her keys. She was everything I needed as the entire drive she kept telling me it would all be okay. Little did I know she was panicking the entire time on the inside
  6. When we got to my house
    There were ambulance, police, and animal control.
  7. I ran into the house
    And there was the most beautiful strong little person I loved with my entire soul. She looked at me when I came in and was like hey aunt cara.
  8. What I saw
    Was a ton of blood, a really swollen face, but a kid who was more in shock than in pain.
  9. B was on her swing set outside
    While my brothers was fixing her plate for dinner. He heard her screaming and ran outside to see his dog on top of his little girl, in full attack mode. He was screaming for him to stop by Drake didn't let up. My brother got to the dog right before he was about to lock his jaw on her neck
  10. We are really lucky
    My niece wouldn't be here today had our dog locked down. He was right on top of her jugular vein.
  11. Static
  12. Static
    These pictures were taken the next day.
  13. We obviously
    Put our dog down. At that point you have no other choice. My point in telling you this story is that yes we love our pets. They can be amazing at times. But they also can be extremely dangerous . Just like humans, animals can snap with no previous warning. So please just always make sure you are being careful.
  14. Static
    The good news is one week since she is healing just fine. She says that Drake lost his mind and hasn't really had to much fear around other animals. Although, we can control what dogs are at our house, we can't control others homes. So we always just have to be extra cautious.