All hail fruit punch.

First comes DP next fruit punch. But not everyone can make the perfect drink. Many fail.
  1. Easily the worst.
    Our school recently took HI-C and replaced it with this junk. I don't care who you are, you aren't real if you support this.
  2. Stop.
    If you are gonna drink fruit punch, drink the bad stuff. It's not even enjoyable calories to waste on this.
  3. Bleh blah pass.
    Snapple it's too much fruit and too much sugar. Weird after taste. All wrong
  4. Quick fix
    Craving fruit punch, only brand around... It's fine, I won't judge you. Better stuff out there but I understand.
  5. Original.
    You can't knock it, if it weren't for the almost perfectness of this brand we wouldn't have the even better ones.
    It's sweet, it's fruity, it's a gift from the lord himself. But it's not what he has waiting for me.
  7. Gold
    Easily my favorite. (Grab it in the mornings if you ever go through chickfila- makes it 100 times better. )THIS IS THE FOUNTAIN WAITING FOR ME IN HEAVEN. If you don't have this as your number 1- fruit punch is not your thing. Stop drinking it.