If so today in cosmopolitan they posted a list. And I am here to tell you how wrong it is.
  1. Static
    I have great hair. The lord, universe, whoever you believe in blessed me. I'm not bragging but it is a fact.
  2. 1. She avoids heating styles as much as possible.
    This might be the only part I agree with. Although I use my wand constantly.. but don't look at my hair right now, it is long over due for a haircut. Don't worry, I'll have that fixed Wednesday.
  3. 2. She always sleeps on silk
    Never. Have you ever tried to sleep on silk? It is slippery, I can't sleep like that. No. This is bullshit. I mean maybe it can help but cotton ain't gonna hurt a damn thing
  4. 3. She doesn't skimp moisturizer
    Maybe it can help but I disagree.
  5. 4. She stays loyal
    In fact I can't stay loyal to any products. Not with my perfect hair. It gets use to things and those products stop working. Change it up. It's good for hair.
  6. 5.Eats the right foods
    No. Bye. They don't connect.
  7. 6. Takes Vitamins
    Yeah again no.
  8. 7. Limits sun exposure
    Actually when I'm in the sun more my hair turns magical. It gets lighter and brighter.
  9. 8. She steers clear of snarls
  10. 9. She gets regular trims
    My hair dresser will tell you how inconsistent I am.
  11. 10. She keeps it cool in the shower
    Hell no, SO HOT MY SKIN BURNS!!!
  12. 11. She knows the correct amount of product to use.
    Who can ever get it spot on.
  13. Also
    Why they say she?! MEN can have great hair too.
  14. Also, also.. I forgot one sorry!