My computer at my internship hasn't been working. So I called the help center to fix it.. And this without any response from me is everything this man said. He made my day!
  1. I'm looking for 11 not 10
  2. Wow this is ridiculous
  3. Why has Microsoft changed so much
  4. It shouldn't be this hard
  5. For the love of Christ there is no download button this page
  6. I'm not seeing it
  7. Let's see if we have it here , of course not
  8. Let me check my screen yours is jacked
  9. I don't see it
    What the hell
  10. Okay let me grab this page and try it
  11. Nope. Damn it.
  12. Ma'am I'm gonna have to transfer you to Lenovo
  13. Wait no here we go
  14. Am I missing something
  15. Let's try this
  16. Are you still there?
    Finally me : Yes sir.
  17. That is so weird
  18. It was so hard to find the 11 upgrade on there site
  19. That is ridiculous and makes no sense
  20. Okay ma'am that should fix it
  21. Sorry for my frustration.
  22. I'm surprise you have a pc without it, we've been on 11 for two years .. How long have you been there.
  23. 😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😂
    This might not be as funny to you guys
  24. Oh shit I downloaded the French , any chance you read French?
  25. Just kidding , gotcha all set up!
  26. Updated at 30 mins 52 seconds
  27. My names Neil btw .. What's yours
    I'm cara
  28. You are really cool, how is your day so far?
  29. I was gonna hang up and have you call me back but now I'm just gonna wait with you.
  30. Finally uploads .
  31. It's been a great 40mins . Cara nice to meet you! Call me anytime , I might get frustrated but I'll get the job done