How Can You Not

Just find such beauty in the sea. I wish so badly I could communicate with Sea Animals.
  1. Killer Whales
    Sound scary, but are so magnificent.
  2. Humpback
    Big, bold, and beautiful
  3. Seahorse
    So tiny yet so captivating.
  4. Jellyfish
    Holy hell your sting and holy hell the mystery of such a beautiful creature.
  5. Sea turtle
    I know if we could communicate, you'd be the best story tellers of the sea!
  6. Sting ray
    Strong and powerful.
  7. Octopus
    You terrify me but I respect you.
  8. Shark
    I wasn't going to post you but you have your own week on tv so I feel like I had no option. You seem like a bully. If we could communicate, I know we would not get along at all.
  9. School of fish
    All the beautiful fish that make up the sea. I saved you for last because without you, it wouldn't be as colorful. You give the sea so much life and beauty.