I went to a vigil for Charlottesville Sunday night. I've had countless conversations in my work place. We've sat at tables with judges. We've been planning. WHAT ARE YALL DOING? Tell me you aren't staying silent. Tell me this shit is waking you up. WHITE PEOPLE, WAKE UP. Our country needs us.
  1. Let it set in.
    When your accustomed to privilege, equality feels like discrimination. #GetOverIt
  2. Do you see it now?
    They showed up with guns, sticks, and torches. And they still went home alive. For those who keep asking what white privilege is..
  3. My girl Glennon said it
    White statues matter.. the jury is still out on black and Jewish lives. -America, 2017
  4. I am always taking notes on the people around me. ALWAYS.
    Never forget to be extremely wary of every person in your life who has not experienced this last year as a personal moral emergency
  5. Please
    Stop being so silent. It doesn't help.
  6. Gabby preached it
    It's the silence that ruins freindships/relationships. It's impossible to "love" ppl & stay silent in the face of their pain. Are u an ally?