I don't play the lottery but often I think about wasting the dollar in hopes of making millions off a extremely rare chance of pure luck.
  1. Build a zoo
    It is something I have dreamed of doing almost my entire life. It would probably take me the full amount to actually create the zoo I feel is acceptable for the animals.
  2. Buy a G-Wagon
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  3. Take every member on my "Clique List" on a tropical vacation!
    Because I would hope that if they won, they'd think about me in some way! (Selfish, okay.. But shut up you have 800 million, I loved you when you could barely by me coffee!!!)
  4. Pay UNCC to give me a diploma in both my bachelors and master degree..
    Clearly illegal but I think my mom would be pissed if I didn't accomplish both.. And obviously having this amount of money, I can't spend 3 more years sitting in a classroom!
  5. Buy a movie theater
    A lot of my friends enjoy watching films on the big screen but are cheap and won't pay.. This solves all of our problems.