I probably get away with things you shouldn't, but learn to work the system people 😂
  1. Naps
    My desk is at the front but it's behind this wall, so when I know everyone's in their office, I literally just lay back in my chair and drift to sleep.
  2. Coming in late
    Like I said my desk is at the very front, my boss always comes by and is like CARA! when did you get here, I never heard you. Tricky tricky. (I'm always late but they don't know that.) 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  3. Snack Machine
    I got in good with security. They take me the secret snack machine daily. Sometimes they just come by the office with my usual snack. It's the shit, I'm the shit!
  4. Being at the front means a great view.