Sorry Damon.
  1. The fives minus one
    We planned a weekend trip to visit @tcdavis1 . One of the fives is married and a mom, so like it just didn't work out for her to come. (BUMMER.) it's also a rule that babies can't enter Taylor's apartment ...
  2. Drives with @justjills
    We packed up the fit and headed out. My favorite thing about riding with the fives is that it is never dull. We've driven many hours together and have had many great conversations, detailed book descriptions (because sorry i don't read.), and selling our favorite TV shows. But mostly we laugh, we laugh a lot!
  3. Fun fact
    Jill in the driver. (Always, don't worry sometimes I offer my car for the trip or we pay her gas.) Amie is the navigator. (Her eyes stay on the map.). Me: I'm the spotter (my eyes use to be naturally amazing at this but now need help from glasses.)
  4. Taylor's apartment
    Alway fun when Tdavis moves to a new place. We went to dinner and stayed around the apartment. It was the first time the fives would let me drink alcohol with them however we sat in this "heated" area and it pretty much roasted Jill alive. But if I remember correctly the waiter was H O T.
  5. Valentine's Day
    @justjills and I got a little drunk at the 420 brewery.. It was amazing. We laughed a ton. @tcdavis1 being the one most afraid of the law was extremely sober.. Thank goodness because that meant we got her beer tickets. We saw a man get out of his car, pee, and run away. 😂😂😭😂
  6. View of Atlanta
    Then we decided to walk up this hill (I can't stand any kind of incline.) because Taylor swore the view was everything and more. It was pretty cool but it was windy .. And I feel that Taylor was probably afraid Jill and I would get hit by a car.
  7. Our trip
    They all kind of run together , one day I'll make a list of all my favorite five moments. We ended Vday by going to a cupcake atm and it was heavenly . It will always hold as one of my best, if not number 1!
  8. Thanks Fives
    I'm nothing without you guys. You all inspire me in such different ways. If I turn out half as great as any of you, I'd be grateful. Thanks for letting me be the youngest and never letting me feel to far behind you guys! I love you all so much @justjills @amieshmamie @tcdavis1