I use to refer to all of them as bestfriends but people really question me when I do that, so I gave them their own unique title. I would be incredibly lost in this world if I didn't have them.
  1. My bestfriends
    Jessi Norman: I have known her for 20 years. She amazes me. She is so beautiful inside and out, she hates mean people (however she loves me and some may say I can be pretty mean😉.) she's weird and funny but she's always had my back. Jordan Bowers: I've known her for 21 years. She has one of the kindest hearts. We are two of the funniest people I know on this earth. She's always been by my side at my lowest and highest points in life.
  2. My forever friends
    Emily Tucker: practically my sister. We fight like sisters but we also understand neither of us could do life without one another Steph: my favorite Asian. She is always ready for a turn up and someone I know I can call to have a good time! Luis and Elvi: siblings I've grown to love. We had a rough start at one point Elvi hated me and I couldn't stand Luis. Now I'd trust them with my entire life.
  3. Thursday Night Fam
    A group of friends I some how was cool enough to be loved by although our ages are stretched out. April: she my main bitch. She the person who truly gets my inner black girl. She also has a heart of gold but can throw some major shade respectfully Daniel: I love D. He is one of my favorite men and so beautiful. If he wasn't married to Amie, we'd be together.. I'm sure of this. Kelsey: she gets my love for sims and fast and be furious. That's honorable!
  4. The fives
    Jill: oldest by age but also wisdom. Jill is the most independent bad ass I know. Someone I respect so much. Extremely funny. Very helpful. A tad grumpy on the right kind of days! Amie: She has known me the longest of any one other than family. The most radiant light in my life. She loves people the way I imagine Jesus did. Taylor: also very independent. She is funny and smart. She thinks about every decision before making them, I respect that.
  5. Roommates
    I've grown to love them for who they are and because of that we each have a unique bond. Madison: we've always been friends at times we probably hangout too much and can cause a little bit of space to be needed . But usually I love her. Maggie: she is strange and loves things I hate. But she's always listens to me and is very encouraging Shauna: she is a talker and man can she talk. But she's fun and clean. I love how much she cleans. Lol.
    Brother: we are extremely close. It is very rare for me to go a day without talking to him. He is inspiring and funny. He always protects me and has always had my back. He is so caring and has the biggest heart hidden under a tough rock! Jordan: my cousin but we have always been a duo. We are one year apart but I swear blood could not make us closer. We always side with one another and no family secret is safe unless you allow us to share with one another.