My Gals.

I'd be nothing with out more girlpower. So here's to y'all on Galentines!
  1. My main
    She's in a relationship , so lowkey she M I A lately. But that's my right hand.
  2. My cousin
    Is my bestfriend. How did I get this lucky?! 1 year apart but you wouldn't know it.
  3. The only roommate I like
    Who is also gonna be my valentine, shout out to you ! You see my worst and we've manage to survive 3 years of living together and still being great friends.
  4. My sister.
    Okay we aren't blood- but that's because no one will ever let us be that.
  5. My babymama
    And all her drama
  6. My Asian drunk.
    She's crazy af but life wouldn't be the same without her.
  7. Hispanic Goddess
    She's the real deal. She's about to kickass at motherhood.
  8. A b**** who understands a b****
  9. My fives
  10. Social work survivor
    I would not be graduating without her. THANK GOD FOR HER!
  11. Not pictured
    TRoseee, Carly(not my sister.) And Karen