I run into them a lot and for the most part I have to come to a decision on my own because my boss is always M I A!!!!
  1. Today
    I pulled into the parking lot just as my kid(ass if I gave birth to him, which I definitely did not.) was walking to the nurse. On Thursdays we have tennis 5-7. He plays the sick game very well. He said his stomach was in serious pain, great.
  2. My response
    1st: I text my boss to get back up and what she thinks I should.. No answer. So I say: Let's at least get you dressed for tennis, we can see if you feel better by the time we get there. It's only 5 minutes away, maybe this will cure the "stomach pains".
  3. My thoughts going on in my head
    You little shit, suck it up. I know you are not in pain, I saw you playing around with your little friends... I know you don't want to go to tennis, but come on you know you can't fool me.
  4. Things to keep in mind
    I've watched this boy for about 4 years now, I know all the tricks they have and I've almost never gotten played.. Once but really we made a deal if he faked sick and I called mom, I'd give him 10 dollars. ( I had the 1D concert and didn't take off.. We were a team!) he is a really good faker. Here lies my predicament .. Is he really sick or no.
  5. Our deal.
    Rookies don't pull this move if your new to the gig... Don't ever give them a way out because they will always take it. However mine has a bit of adhd and forgets things pretty easily. So I calculated my next move with a precise timing.
  6. The deal.
    2 seconds before I drop off I said, okay John I can't get a hold of your mom (go figure, I almost never can.) so here's the deal, if you cannot take it and I mean you are in unbelievable amount of pain.. You can come back to my car and I'll take you home however I need tears. You have got to really let me see how serious you are.
  7. Anyways
    He's at tennis having a good Ol time and I'm here making this list. Patting myself on the back because I know my kid, I know the little brat so well!