Good idea @justjills
  1. Parenthood
    It changed my life. I could relate to so many parts of the story, many times it reminded me of my own family. The bravermans will always live in my heart!
  2. Fuller house
    Eh. It was my childhood, but I'm gonna keep it there. Season 1 was a sweet reunion, season 2 I couldn't finish.
  3. Prison break
    SO MANY HOT CONVICTS. Kind of the same stuff through out the seasons, but I finished it. Loved it. Hope that it comes back strong.
  4. Girl meets world
    It's my favorite. I don't binge watch it like other shows but I catch up on it time to time
  5. The fosters
    Acting kind of corny. But something about this show. It amazes me. I love it. Netflix be faster about putting seasons out here.
  6. Graceland
    Sad it's over. Loved my undercover babies!
  7. Limitless
  8. Stranger things
    I didn't watch past episode 4.. it's not for me, I know I know. I should have stuck it out. Sorry.
  9. Marcella
    So flipping weird. Still haven't recovered
  10. Baby daddy
    Judge me , I don't care. It makes me laugh a lot.
  11. The get down.
    Pretty damn good.
  12. The Flash
    I'm addicted. Give me a Barry PLEASE.
  13. Super girl
    Kind of stopped, rethinking about starting
  14. The 100
    I'm only 2 episodes on but I can see why it's getting some hype
  15. Black mirror
    IT IS MIND BLOWING. Twisted. Wild. Addicting. Insane. I am not okay. I am recovering.