Thanks @amieshmamie for the idea. :)
  1. The Real Housewives
    Any group, any episode, any season. I have no shame.
  2. Killer whales
    I'd say whales in general but I've always connected with the killer.
  3. DSS
    Terminology at least (I don't think they even know a lot about themselves LOL. )
  4. Children in YFS/ DSS Custody
    It's my job to advocate for them so I best know a hell of lot about them.
  5. A shit ton of documentaries
    I'm pretty sure I'm 6 away from seeing every documentary that's on Netflix currently.
  6. My friends
    I hope...
  7. Back roads in charlotte
    I rarely ever run into traffic because of this. Sometimes it's unavoidable but most times I'm successful
  8. Court Rooms and 8th floor Judges
    Again it's my job, I better. (Also this is only for Merck County.)
  9. One Tree Hill
    Try me.