2k16 sucked. A friendship I've had for 21 years has changed, I broke up with my boyfriend, I'm an orphan (not really but I feel like one.), cops are getting away with murder, and trump won... PLEASE 2k17, bring miracles.
  1. Slaying my last semester of undergrad.
    I'm getting another 4.0. I'm going to enjoy this last moment because once it's done, that's it.
  2. Healing from heartbreak.
    This means figuring out how to love me again and overall just working on myself. (lol that's the break up rule, right ?)
  3. Figuring out what's next.
    I had a dream that I just chose a city and moved there. Ever since it's been on my mind. I have nothing holding me back and I'm at a place in life where it's an ideal thing to do
  4. Laughing
    It is just so much better than crying. And I'm making a goal to laugh even more in 2017
  5. The fives take Nashville
    Well I hope we are still doing this because my heart is set on it.
  6. Cutting ties with friends who don't stay in my life.
    I'm so tired of chasing friendships, if you wanna be in my life it's simple. You'll just show up.
  7. Reading.
    Because why not. I mean I feel like it's just a good thing to start doing. Really educating myself on the history of racism and what more we can do to change it. I'm a social worker, social justice is my life.
  8. Probably much more
    But I just ran out of ideas.