And that's okay, I'm always a work in progress.
  1. Keeping my room cleaned
    I'm good at the actual cleaning part, it just takes a guest for me to actually clean. My roommates call the room a dungeon, I like it!
  2. Boiling water
    I don't even mess with it anymore. Three weeks ago I severely burned my stomach by dropping boiling water on my shirt. It was torture.
  3. Expressing my feelings
    I usually let them build up and explode. For a long time I didn't have to have feelings, that's all changed. Now I'm learning how to manage life with them.
  4. Keeping my mouth shut
    I use to be awful at this, kept me in and out of drama. I can't help it, people tell me things. That means I can tell my bestfriends, right?
  5. Spelling and grammar
    I know I suck at it, I'm very sorry to all the friends it kills! Love me through this.
  6. Forgiving people
    If you've broke my trust, it is almost impossible for me to let it go. I've done it a few times for some good friends but it's so hard for me to do. Trust is so important to me, how do you forgive someone for breaking it ?
  7. Accepting excuses
    I dish them out, what a hypocrite ! But I can't stand when someone makes an excuse, I almost always call bullshit
  8. Exercise
    I wish it was something I was obsessed with, but I'm not. Maybe one day. I have a lazy bone in almost all of my body, it's ridiculous . One day I'll get it under control!
  9. Apologizing
    I'm good at the actual words to say but getting me to that point is hard. I'm very hard headed and a lot of the time I don't see the reason I should.
  10. Going to church
    If I could find one that was full of people that just loved and worshiped. Without the judgment but still able to teach you. That's where I'd go, but that's heaven.. One day I'll get back there.
  11. Speeding
    Sometimes I ignore the signs and go over. Most of he time, I'm always terrified I'll get pulled over. It's the one thing (knock on wood) I have been able to stay away from is a speeding ticket !