1. Bullies or the person being bullied
    I wish I could show kids how awful it is and how stupid. also I wish I could tell the other kid how important it is to have that back bone. And if you don't have he ability to have a back bone find a friend who has one for the both of you.
  2. Parents who break babies
    Literally bones in an infant who has no ability to defend. I wish with all of me I could find a way to prevent it. To change it. To fix it.
  3. Our foster system.
    Sometimes I wonder if we make problems worse. How much trauma are we doing as a system to these already broken situations.
  4. When a parent dies.
    It's the worst pain. You carry it for the rest of your life and the one person who brought you the most comfort isn't here. I would save everyone of my friends parents, if I had the ability.
  5. People who see me in a negative light.
    If you actually knew me, you'd know I'm protective, loyal, and okay sassy. But once I love someone, I love them for life. Well okay a few bridges have burned but deep down I probably still will be there for a person.
  6. People who don't advocate
    I'm a fighter. It's in my blood. But I also get royally pissed off when I see someone I know staying silent. I hate people who don't stand up for others, especially if they consider them friend.
  7. My sleep schedule
    I use to be a night owl and the real world has robbed me of it... the night is so much better than the day. FML.