She's three. Adorable. Funny. Beautiful.
  1. Aunt Cara, can you come over to my house anytime?
    She means: you can come over anytime.
  2. Aunt Cara you know my mom lets me have dark soda. I am very thirsty.
    As I am drinking DP. This is her way of trying to pull a fast one so she can have a sip.
  3. My dogs gonna die and go to heaven. I'm okay, I know my Papa Mike will take care of him.
    She is 3 years old. Her dog is really sick and is being put down next week. Crazy that she puts things together.
  4. I think it would be good to go to monkey joes. I need to play. Kids need to play.
    Clearly I had no option but to take the kid to monkey joes.
  5. Aunt Cara pretend to call me on the phone.
    As I pick up my phone, she says: sorry I got another call. I'm very popular.
  6. Pink isn't my color anymore. Summer time is now my color.
  7. Maybe I could close my eyes for a little second
    This is her way of saying I need a nap but I hate to admit that I need one.
  8. If a kid knocks me down, I should come tell you.. Before or after I knock him down?
  9. Grammy isn't your mom, she's just my Grammy. But if you need a mom, I can be it.
    Oh okay.
  10. I'll pay for monkey joes with my smile, once they gave me an ice cream. I got this.
    As we were walking in and I said I needed to go back to the car for my wallet.
  11. Aunt Cara I love you.
    Classic. And favorite thing to hear her say.
  12. Sir , do you think you guys could wake monkey Joe up, I need to go soon and I'll be very upset if I don't get to hug him.
    The guy quickly went and "woke the monkey up."