Haha , HAHAHAHAH, hahahahah, Lol, lmfao, lololol.
  1. @justjills cried during a dolphin show
    Classic, she is on my list a few times. But I can sit and think back to looking beside me and seeing her in tears over the beauty.. I can't stop laughing.
  2. When I fell downtown
    Which time? Yes I know, but specifically the one when my friends were all skipping in front of me, turned, saw me lying in the middle of downtown.. And laughed.. Didn't help but kept laughing. It makes me laugh a lot now.
  3. The boy under the pew
    It was my cousins dedication and there was this kid playing his video game under the church seat.. I made sure my cousin noticed before I started laughing and couldn't control myself... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SERMON. My mom was so mad.
  4. When a lady tripped at my grandmas graveside.
    In my defense it was a lady my grandmother truly did not like. If you knew her, this was very rare. So to me, I felt like the good lord let her come to her own graveside and maybe she stuck her foot out right at the best moment. AGAIN I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING. ( this lady was probably 82, I am horrible. It's still really funny.)
  5. @luchag crying outside of a friends home.
    Won't say the the friend ... But we threw a party and I left and came back. And Luis was a mess and crying.. I literally walked up and could not stop laughing until finally I realized he was serious.
  6. When my boyfriend met my mother
    She instantly hugged him goodbye when we were leaving .. My sister and I both dropped our mouths.. Our reaction is what still makes me laugh.
  7. When @justjills was a tad tipsy and couldn't figure out a way out of the comfy chair.
    I have a video and I watch it all the time. It was just so funny.
  8. When I was trying to calm a former roommate down and @luchag told me she was defending him.
    I snapped and instantly decided I was going to fight the girl who went for him in the first place... I laugh at how quickly I went from calming this girl to oh hellll Nooo.
  9. When my brother was drunk
    It was 4th of July 7or 8 years ago , he told everyone at the party not to worry the only tornado in the area was him. Not as funny as I type it out but whatever I'm laughing.
  10. When my bestfriend peed in the snow
    We were six and her dad told us we could not come back in. She immediately announced she had to pee and I made every water noise in the book... And then I saw yellow snow. HAHAHA
  11. One time on a trip at DCLA
    Jessi, @kelseyanne137 , and I snuck into the boys room.. It was a youth trip but it wasn't anything like that.. I can't actually remember why we even went in to the room. @atoney7 was in that room but I can't remember who distracted @amieshmamie so we didn't get caught.