We are 12 years apart.. Crazy... We have a sibling between us but she suffers from middle child syndrome. But anyways this is about Chad. I am so thankful that God honored me with him.
  1. My right hand
    He is always there for me and he always has my back. He is my escape when things go wrong. I have a key to his house(not another member has this honor...well possibly my mother.) for me to come and go as I please. We talk almost everyday and hangout very often. I've never gotten sick of him, we rarely disagree, and I can't recall any kind of argument.
  2. Protector
    When someone has done me wrong, I know I have someone who will set them straight. If I'm out with him, I know I'm in good hands.
  3. My second dad
    I lost my dad and he truly stepped up. My brother has done so much for me. If my car is having trouble, if my bank account is struggling, or if I just need someone to listen to me rant. He is always there and I can't express how thankful I am for that.
  4. Humor.
    We laugh. That belly aching kind of laugh when we are together. We have endless jokes between us and I know who I can hangout with if I'm just struggling certain days.
  5. My partner in crime
    We do so much together and that means investigating situations. We get to the bottom of things. Sometimes this gets us in trouble but usually we get some really good stories from our adventures
  6. Incredibly thankful
    Again, I am so blessed I got such an amazing brother. He has his own past but he's never left me. He has his own daughter now and it's even better watching him be a dad. He's grown up so much and I'm honored to watch that!