About food. I am a 3 year old. I know.
  1. I don't fuck with plastic cheese.
    My mom always use to try and trick me and I always knew. I CANT DO IT. I'm sorry but if I'm to the point that it's the only cheese I can afford, I'll go without.
  2. Organic Milk
    I don't know and y'all can think I'm crazy but it's the only milk my body can keep down. I literally throw regular milk up. Sorry.
  3. Organic eggs
    Not as annoying about. I can go with regular but I only buy organic. I KNOW. Bougie
  4. Tyson canned chicken.
    If you go canned, only one brand I can okay.
  5. Hidden valley ranch
    IT IS THE WORST. Yuck. But if you use their packet and make homemade- I can dig it.
  6. Patty sausage
    My mom hates this and she always forgets. She love the link and I can't eat it. CANNOT. WILL NOT.
  7. Onions and peppers
    The texture. I can't do it. I get it they add so much flavor but I can't get over the sound. Same with celery. It jut can't and won't happen .
  8. I eat salad
    But don't put lettuce on anything else. DO NOT , it will ruin my meal. I'll pout.
  9. Daisy sour cream
    HT brand is okay, if I have to admit it. But I'm not one to stray away from daisy.
  10. Dr Pepper
    Don't throw me or tell me you have Mr. Pibb. They are very different. Please stop the lies.