Great idea that I stole from @lexie_elyse
  1. An actress
    A extremely funny actress but can really switch roles and play many types of characters. I would win awards in everyone of my movies.
  2. Everyone would love to hate me.
    I think I'd be like I am in real life. Some people love me. Some people hate me. Some people love to hate me.. but everyone has to respect me.
  3. My marriage would be a lot like..
    I would want to be Lowkey but well known. We'd have to be funny and honestly not give a shit what anyone else says. But everyone can just see how in love we are.
  4. I'd turn my acting into the next Oprah
    I would be so good at talk shows. I LOVE THE TEA. I KNOW THE TEA. I SERVE THE TEA.
  5. I would hope I give back as much as possible
    That'd I'd spend just as much as I donate. That any time the chance came up , it would be second nature.
  6. I'd be all about social media.
    I mean if you've seen my twitter as a peasant, i can only imagine as a celebrity. I'd also shout out to the little people and mess with the haters.
  7. I would make sure everyone knew my friends back home.
    They are who encourage me. They won't ever be forgotten. EVER.
  8. I'd hire a chef, a maid, a driver, and a personal trainer.
    I think I'd try to invest in all of this so I wouldn't have to turn to plastic surgery. I think I have pretty good genes...
  9. My house would be BANANAS.
    I would have to go over the top. Especially if I'm that wealthy. I need rooms for all the people I love 😂😂😂. I'd assume they would mooch off of me.. I'm fine with it.
  10. Much later when I'm a mom, I'd become a REAL HOUSEWIVE.
    I live for them all, I wouldn't be complete in life if I didn't let this happen. I NEED THE DRAMA, I need America to be invested in my home life. 😂😂
    I would never want the fame. I can't imagine having people stalk and critique your every move. Never having true privacy. Always having to meet such high expectations. I would want the money but that's about it!