I have finally let contacts become a part of my eye life and I don't understand why I didn't do this sooner.
  1. Glasses
    I mean I still have a pair but they just block my view. They set you in a square or a circle
  2. I feel normal again
    Well when I'm wearing them, it's like damnnn okay this what it's like without glasses
  3. But then
    I went to take them off.
  4. And now I get why
  5. And I have nails. Fake sorta long nails
    Do y'all know how difficult it is to get a damn lens off your eye with these NAILS!
  6. And then I went to put them back in
    And I was pissed off again.
  7. The stupid thing would not stick to my eye
    Then it kept flipping
  8. But now
    They are back in and I just really feel like I'm a changed person.