I watched my beloved Red Sox implode tonight

  1. Arriving at Fenway around 5:30. Gorgeous day in Boston. Just look at that sky
  2. Had a great meal at the EMC Club restaurant. Lobster Roll of course. Got a picture with hubby on the way to our seats
  3. Very early in the game. Bucholtz pitching. We were nervous but hopeful
  4. He lasted 4 innings
  5. 5th inning it's 5-1 Angels leading. Not looking good but the crowd is doing a decent wave and we are all hopeful
  6. 6th inning no one scores but the game has already been going for almost 3 hours. Kids are getting antsy. Time for ice cream in the Red Sox helmets!
  7. 7th inning the Angels score 11, yes 11 runs. Hubby keeps saying we are staying until Sweet Caroline
  8. Final score 21-2 Epic. If the Red Sox are going to lose when you've flown from Florida to see them, they're going to LOSE 😫😩😖
  9. Still love them though